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Biodegradable vs Recyclable

Biodegradable vs Recyclable

Pollution has been a major concern for decades. More awareness about the harmful effects of waste on the planet have encouraged consumers to think about their waste habits.

With the average person creating 400kg of waste each year, it is no surprise that worldwide, people are wanting to cut down on their rubbish and recycling habits.

Here at KeyVits, we want to provide you with not only the products, but also the facts about starting and maintaining a sustainable and environmentally lifestyle.

Not Enough Time? The Quick Facts

  • Biodegradable products are designed to break down in compost over time
  • Biodegradable paper can take up to 6 weeks to decompose
  • Recycling is the process of taking one thing and converting it into another



Recycling is the process of taking one item and breaking it down to use it in another product. Glass, paper, aluminum and plastic are often recyclable, however you need to check the labels on the item to make sure. Every council has different recycling restrictions, so make sure to check what your local council allows and doesn't allow.

Recycling is important as waste has a huge impact on our natural environment. By recycling, we can reduce the number of tress that are cut down, the amount of fossil fuels that are burnt and the risk of mining for expensive metals.

It has also been said that recycling is 6 times cheaper than processing waste.


A biodegradable product is one that can break down naturally without causing environmental harm. Therefore, a chemically manufactured can still be considered biodegradable. Biodegradable plastic products can produce up to 68% less greenhouse gas than its regular plastic counterparts.

To speed up the process of decomposition, specialist machinery can be used. Even with this machinery, using biodegradable products can cut down your carbon footprint.

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