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Free shipping on ALL orders!
Free shipping on ALL orders!

Our Company

Welcome to KeyVits.

KeyVits is a family owned and operated brand established in 2014, based in Ringwood, Hampshire offering a line of quality dietary supplements.

We created the KeyVits brand as we believe that there should be a sustainable and simple alternative in the supplements industry. That’s why all our products come packaged in food grade biodegradable bags, stamped with our logo in non-toxic ink with a recyclable label.

Packaging does not have to be harsh for the environment. We designed this brand in order for you to to have an affordable, yet high quality alternative to supplements that is eco-friendly. The pouch is fully compostable and can degrade in just 10 weeks. It includes a resealable zip, ensuring freshness as well as protection against humidity, oxygen and dust (of course you can decant it into an airtight container though). The construction of this pouch also allows it to stand up straight by itself, so you can easily store or proudly display it!

We offer products that are safe, efficacious and affordable, formulated on scientific principles by experts in nutrition and health.

We believe that every customer should be able to purchase premium products which are both appealing and of the highest quality at attractive prices in the marketplace.

Our supplements are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited facility with a comprehensive HACCP* system and packaged under GMP** guidelines in our state of the art packaging facility.

We are not a large faceless health food marketing company with little or no technical knowledge.

We are your small, friendly business whose aim to create customer satisfaction and loyalty while providing the widest comprehensive selection of existing and innovative products.

All products sold on this website should arrive on time from the moment of ordering and in perfect condition. If you find any product to be unsatisfactory please contact us and we will try to solve your issue.

We require our suppliers to produce comprehensive Certificates of Analysis and/or Specification for each raw material as a measure of quality.

From the very first day our customers were our number one priority and 6 years later they still continue to be.

*HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level.
**GMP is a set of strict pharmaceutical regulations, codes, and guidelines that ensure that food supplements are manufactured and controlled to a high standard.
**GMP is highly regarded as it verifies manufacturing excellence and demonstrates a manufacturer's ability to produce supplements that meet both the industry's high standards of quality and safety as well as label claims